Before the Batman: An Original Movie Novel

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Before the Batman: An Original Movie Novel
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"Warner Bros.’s The Batman now in theaters, bringing with it all the adventure and action of one of the most popular Super Heroes in the world. We all know that billionaire Bruce Wayne is secretly Gotham City’s vigilante detective and protector, The Batman—but what road led him there? Find out in Before The Batman: An Original Movie Novel, which includes an exciting original story of Bruce Wayne’s early adventures on his way to becoming The Batman! This novel features an eight-page full-color insert and a pull-out poster!"

Before the Batman: An Original Movie Novel is a prequel novel, written by David Lewman and released on February 1, 2022. It explores the origins of Batman and the Riddler.


In October of 2001 in Gotham City, New York, a young Bruce Wayne arrived at the Gotham Orphanage, founded by his wealthy father Thomas Wayne, who was announcing his candidacy for mayor that day. As Thomas gave his speech, Bruce made eye contact with a young choir boy, Edward Nashton, a resident of the orphanage, and smiled at him, trying to be friendly. However, Edward took this to mean Bruce thought he was better than the orphans, and began hating Bruce from that day forward. Soon after this, Thomas and his wife Martha were shot by a mugger in an alleyway in front of Bruce, traumatizing him for life, and leaving him in the care of Alfred Pennyworth, the wry but caring family butler and a former British Intelligence officer.

Seven years later, a seventeen-year-old Bruce returned to Gotham City and his home of Wayne Tower from boarding school, having grown rather quiet, sullen, and closed off since the death of his parents. Alfred had taken control of communications in Wayne Industries, the family company, and had taught Bruce how to fight using a combination of various martial arts techniques. [2]