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"We will rebuild."
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Carmine Falcone
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MoviesThe Batman
"Jesus. Look at you, man. What do... what do you think this is? You think you're gonna scare me with that mask and that cape? I'm gonna start crying and all of a sudden, some big secret's coming out? Let me tell you something. Whatever I know, whatever I've done, it's all going with me to my grave."
— Carmine Falcone at Batman

Carmine Falcone is a powerful mobster boss and arguably the most powerful figure in Gotham City, as well the unaware father of Selina Kyle. Formerly the main rival of Salvatore Maroni and one of the instigators of Gotham Renewal Fund fraud, Falcone set up another conspiracy, this time for framing Maroni and make him arrested; thus becoming more powerful than ever and gaining him near-full control over Gotham and its police force. At his time as crime boss, Falcone also had unclear links with the famous Thomas Wayne.

In 2021, Falcone became the main target of the Riddler, who discovered his implication in the freud and in the conspiracy against Salvatore Maroni. After several confrontations with both Batman and Bruce Wayne, where he notably reveal "his" verity about the death of Thomas Wayne, he face the reveal of his hidden daughter Selina Kyle, who try to murder him. After being defeated by Batman and arrested by James Gordon, he is assassinated by the Riddler with a sniper rifle, ending his control and corruption of Gotham for good.


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