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"We will rebuild."
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James Gordon
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"Oh, you don't wanna talk about rats, huh? Maybe we can talk about what they did to my partner's face."
— James Gordon to Oswald Cobblepot

James "Jim" Gordon is a lieutenant of Gotham City Police Department and a valiable ally of the vigilante Batman. Around first year of activity of Batman, Gordon became his only ally on his crusade, even defending him against his fellows and trusting only in him.

In 2021, Gordon helped Batman in the Riddler Case. While investigating with the murder of several politicians, he became involved with the search for the "rat" who allowed the arrest of mob boss Salvatore Maroni, ultimaly discovering him as powerful mob boss and Maroni' rival Carmine Falcone and helping to his arrest. While managing to arrest the Riddler, known as his true name Edward Nashton, it is however too late for stopping Nashton' plan, and the city got flooded. After Batman and Selina Kyle stopped Nashton' cult, Gordon became Bella Reál's right-hand man in rebuilding the city.


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