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"We will rebuild."
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NameOswald Copplebot
Aliase(s)The Penguin
Oz Cobblepot
El Rata Alada[1]
Rat with Wings
Stool Pigeon
Minor League Mope
Gimp in an Empty Suit
Nationality American
OccupationsNo informations
ResidencesNo informations
MoviesThe Batman
TV SeriesThe Penguin (unreleased)
Portrayed byColin Farrell
"What the hell is this? Good cop, bat-shit cop?"
— Oswald Copplebot to Batman and James Gordon

Oswald Copplebot, nickamed "Oz" and mockingly referenced as the Penguin, is the owner of bar and criminal homebase Iceberg Lounge and the right hand of mob leader Carmine Falcone.

In 2021, he was briefly soupconned to be the "rat" after Batman' infiltration of Iceberg Lounge in the frame of Riddler Case but was quickly relaxed. Grew resentful after the revelation of betrayal of his boss Falcone, and after an assassination attempt of him, he debuted his rise of power after Falcone murder by the Riddler.


Falcone' right hand[edit]

The Rat[edit]

Infiltration of Iceberg Lounge[edit]


Conflict with Falcone[edit]

Rise of power[edit]


"Really, Oz? Because to me, you were always just a gimp in an empty suit."
— Carmine Falcone to Oswald Copplebot


"You better watch it. You know my reputation?"
— Oswald Cobblepot to Batman
  • Intelligence: To complete
  • Driving: To complete
  • Immense influence over underworld: To complete


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  1. Translates from Spanish to: The Winged Rat