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"We will rebuild."
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Nationality American
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MoviesThe Batman
ComicsRiddler: Year One
BooksBefore the Batman: An Original Movie Novel
Portrayed byPaul Dano
"Tomorrow's Election Day. And Bella Reál will win. She promised real change. But we know the truth, don't we? You've seen Gotham's true face now. Together, we've unmasked it. Its corruption, its perversion masquerading under the guise of renewal. But unmasking is not enough. The day of judgment is finally upon us. And now it is time for retribution. I've parked seven vans all along the city seawall. And on the big night, they will go boom. When the vans blow, the flooding will happen so fast, evacuation will not be an option. Those who are not washed away will race through the streets in terror."
— Edward Nahston

Edward Nashton was a former forensics accountant and the serial killer acting under of the name of the Riddler. Having grown in misery and poverty in Gotham City's foster-care system owned by Thomas and Martha Wayne, where he was outcasted due of his obssession with riddles and puzzles, he grew ressentful against the powerful and influents in the city after the death of Thomas Wayne.

At seventeen, while working as a delivery boy at an Italian restaurant known as Fumento's, he become involved with the street racing environnement because of a group of rich teenagers being set up through Gotham; still angry at the city's socialites, he placed a bomb in one of racers car, severely hurting one of them. Despite Bruce Wayne best efforts, Nashton managed to escape culpability.

Years later, Nashton has come to works as a forensics accountant, secretely plotting to put in place his longtime revenge over people of Gotham inhabitants, especially high-placed and powerful. In the first year of Batman activity, Nashton made many researchs about him, eventually dicovering his identity as well the conspirations involving mob leaders Salvatore Maroni and Carmine Falcone and near-total corruption of Gotham' police force. He also spend time of various social medias and met Batman at least once when Nashton was in his civilian persona. [1]

In 2021, two years after Batman' crusade - on whom he developped admiration, believing the two had the same goal and seeing him as a valiable ally - and with the help of his cult build on Internet, the Riddler has put its plan in place. He debuted serial murders on powerful politicians, also leaving riddles in framework of his "team-building" with the vigilante. While captured after a longtime hunt and the murder of mobster boss Carmine Falcone, he finally saw the realistion of his scheme from Arkham State Hospital when the entire city of Gotham got flooded. His plan was however foiled when Batman save the life of mayor Bella Réal and arrest his cult. With his plan foiled and locked away without nothing, he befriend a another inmate with the intention of teaming up.


Early life[edit]

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Attentat in street racing[edit]

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Attentat at Don Mitchell Jr.'s funeral[edit]

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Meeting a new friend[edit]

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"You think you'll be remembered? You're a pathetic psychopath, begging for attention."
— Batman to Nashton

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"My strength is up here."
— Nashton to Batman
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    • Master tactician: To be added
    • Master leader: To be added
    • Master investigator: To be added
    • Polyglottism: To be added
  • Explosives expertise: To be added



  1. According to first looks of Riddler: Year One #1