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The Penguin
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"There's actually a whole little fabric of things we're wanting to do, the way we're doing with [the] Penguin and how that comes back into how that will lead into the sequel, and what that sequel is going to be."
— Matt Reeves [1]

The Penguin is a upcoming 2024 TV series based on the Penguin. It will retrace the rise of power of the Penguin after the death of his boss Carmine Falcone.


"We are very, very soon going to start shooting The Penguin with Colin. That is super exciting."
— Matt Reeves [1]

By September 2021, HBO Max was developing a spin-off series focused on the Penguin. Lauren LeFranc was hired as showrunner, with Reeves and Clark serving as executive producers. Farrell signed on to reprise his role and executive produce in December. Reeves compared the series to The Long Good Friday (1980) and Scarface (1983), charting Penguin's rise to power in Gotham's criminal underworld following the events of the film. The spin-off was the furthest along in development by March 2022, and Reeves said it would come before a sequel to The Batman. HBO Max ordered The Penguin as a limited series that month. [2]


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